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Copper Roofing & Cladding

As copper roofing & cladding experts we specialise in the fabrication and installation of traditional standing seam, batten roll, shingles, tiles & rainwater goods.

We are members of the FTMRC and approved installers of KME Tecu + Arubis Copper, which assures you of the highest quality materials and highest installation standards.


Copper has been used as a building material for centuries. Copper was first used as a roof covering by the Romans for the Pantheon in 27 BC and many of the great churches of medieval Europe were roofed in this way. The copper roof of Hildersheim Cathedral in Germany installed in 1280 survives intact today.


Today copper is a thoroughly modern building material offering an effectively indefinite design life. With a long history of extensive recycling, low embodied energy and safety in use, this natural material is one of the most sustainable building materials.

Architectural Copper is still used today to protect the exterior of buildings in applications such as roofing, wall cladding, flashings, copings, rainwater goods, domes, spires and vaults.


Copper is a natural, non-ferrous product. Highly ductile and malleable to the extent that it can be worked easily with either by hand or machine to take its required shape. Copper has excellent corrosion resistance and forms its own unique ‘patina’ through the ageing process starting at reddish brown to black then finally to a verdigris blue green. Each stage complimenting its surroundings on commercial and residential projects alike. Copper is aesthetically pleasing making it popular with architects today weather on a modern residential extension or notable buildings like Cathedrals, Castles or Museums.


Corrosion resistant, durability and long life, low maintenance, light weight, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable.

Technical guide lines

Minimum roof pitch 3 degrees

Installed on either ventilated cold ‘roof’ timber substrate or insulated ‘warm’ roof substrate.

Please contact us for further technical help and advice.

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